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The advertising platform for modern Publishers.

Scale local advertisers with an omnichannel advertising platform.

The new way of digital advertising

The Old Way

Dropping local advertisers


Focus on top-funnel display advertising 


Focus on large advertisers due to high cost of sales and manual workflows


Decreasing relevance in the advertising space


Mediocre campaign performance across few channels

The New Way

Media agency for local advertisers


Automated workflows in one platform


More time spend with clients


Access to all relevant advertising channels


AI-powered optimisation towards goals


Outstanding performance and returning clients

Learn how Nexta transforms the way you sell digital advertising.

Nexta Connect

Save time with Nexta's automated workflow

Let sales and adops use one platform and optimize your workflows to scale local advertisers. Say hello to new growth opportunities and efficiency.

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Nexta Automate

Cut creative production time with AI tools

Create high-performing banners at scale with the support of generative AI tools. Say goodbye to needing large design teams and length processes.

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Nexta Report

Report, track, analyze in one place

Get a single overview and always know how your client's campaigns are performing.

Receive monthly visual reports eliminating manual work and ensuring better data quality and recommendations for end clients.

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Omnichannel campaigns without extra work

Nexta Connect

Access the whole advertising ecosystem through Nexta's simple booking flow and builder. Ensure better client performance and higher budgets, all without spending more time.

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Nexta Optimize

Utilize O&O and reach clients' goals simultaniously

Reach target KPI’s and eliminate the need for manual optimization with Nexta’s cross channel optimization algorithms.

Utilize your owned and operated inventory optimally, while not compromising on client performance - all automated. 

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Publisher cases

See what other publishers have achieved with Nexta

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Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?


Martin Jensen
CCO at Nexta

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