top of page Product Updates - 7.10.2020

On Tuesday, October 7th, 16:00 CEST, we launched new product updates and bug fixes that will help you interact with our platform even smoother.

This week's features deploy is mainly focused on improvements and a few minor issues that were reported by several of our users.

As a part of our continuous upgrades, we are introducing new redesigned Detailed Targeting, Copy campaign name to clipboard, Stepper Iteration, and other cool minor updates.

Redesigned detailed targeting

After some gathered feedback from you, we are introducing an updated look of detailed targeting. Especially the zipcodes area and the segments area. Now it is easier to use these two sections and also it will consume less space than before.

Copy campaign name to clipboard As a part of speeding up several parts of our platform, user experience on copying campaign names when creating reports was simplified to one click on a new copy to clipboard icon.

New update on Stepper

To make stepper visually easier to look at and also to be more comprehensive we made a small change to the showing of the content. It is now based on a step you are in during creating a new campaign or a campaign draft.

Let us know what you think about new updates!

Still have questions or concerns? Please reach out to us via or directly to your Client Success Manager: Emma, Julia or Gustav!

Nexta Team