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Scale listing-advertising with no manual work

Maximize your customer portfolio and deliver profitable omni-channel advertising at scale using automation, AI optimization, and reporting. 

Nexta is already helping Europe's
largest marketplaces

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Why Marketplaces love working with Nexta

No manual effort

Forget manual work and use Nexta's automated Plug'n'Play solution to create advertising campaigns throughout relevant channels. 

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Improved lead generation

Find advertisers where they are and create listing-based campaigns to drive the lead generation of listings.


Better campaign reporting

Get the best insights into your campaigns and improve your client relationship and their success. 


How do we do it?

Automated campaign creation

Integrate into our API and let our automation create your campaigns using feed transformation and content mapping.  

AI-powered optimization

Our AI optimization finds the right channels for your campaigns and ensures stable margins. 

Detailed reports and insights

Send automated reports to your clients that look like made by humans and set yourself up for the next campaign. 

The use cases

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Connect buyers with relevant cars through creating additional reach across third-party platforms and owned inventory. Utilize automotive advertising solutions in combination with the marketplace's advertising products. 

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Real Estate 

Help buyers find their homes, by creating external ads for underperforming listings across the digital advertising landscape. Complement existing advertising solutions with more reach to create optimal performance. 

Customer results

Increase in digital advertising revenue YoY.

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Decreased client churn YoY due to better lead generation.

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Want to learn more?
Read the case study.

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