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Find buyers anywhere

Maintaining a good ecosystem of buyers and sellers is the cornerstone of every marketplace. With the growing competition, it's more important than ever to attract relevant buyers at scale, to satisfy suppliers, but what is your plan?


How can help built the first AI-driven Sales and Media Activation Platform tailor-made for ambitious digital media and commerce companies.


It's no secret that advertisers and agencies prefer to allocate budgets to audience-driven advertising platforms delivering, performance, and scale with minimum operational cost, but what if you had a better offer? is the first AI-driven sales and media activation platform tailor-made for online publishers. We enable you to increase value for your customers by unlocking new advertising demand with intelligent automation, completely eliminating manual campaign execution.

The Benefits

Amplify advertising value

Take back control and become relevant for advertisers again. Deliver the audience reach, performance, and ROI your clients expect regardless of the channel, vertical, and goal.

Boost revenue for good

Increase share of wallet as you become the agency for your advertisers. With access to unlimited supply and intelligent audience activation, your advertisers will keep coming back for more.

Ready, Set, Automate

Say goodbye to tedious cross-platform campaign activation workflows. Nexta eliminates manual work associated with campaign execution, management, and optimization based on proven AI, keeping your cost-per-order at a minimum.


Easy steps to create omnichannel campaigns built the first AI-driven Sales and Media Activation Platform tailor-made for ambitious digital media and commerce companies.


Capture Client and Campaign Information

With our automation service, it is possible to capture client and campaign information effortlessly and efficiently. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate with your own CRM system.

Collect Listing Information

We can create a booking flow that will automatically generate and populate campaigns based on your own content. We integrate your content services, whether API or feed-based, and create an automatic user experience that fits your needs. We can tailor our automation campaigns to be exactly what you need, run at the timeslots you want, generate the clicks you want, and target the channels you want.


Build Creatives and Audiences

Our Our automation service has automated the whole process of creating creatives for campaigns. Using, it is possible to develop creatives for several campaigns of multiple listings in a few moments. The automation service captures the images of the listings and builds fully automated creatives across channels. Furthermore, Nexta enables you to utilize your own 1st party data and thereby increase your ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Optimize with Intelligent AI

Running omnichannel online campaigns optimally involves making thousands of decisions across domains, keywords, banners, placements while continuously improving these decisions as new data becomes available. In, this process is fully automated and deployed on a vast scale using our software optimization agents, which employ state-of-the-art techniques from AI and machine learning, as well as industry domain knowledge. The whole system operates in a closed self-improving loop with daily updates.


Tailormade Dashboard and Campaign reports enables you to keep track of all campaigns and how they perform through tailormade dashboards. The dashboard will be tailormade for your business to fulfill your needs and requirements. It also supports intelligent campaign reporting, enabling you to set up weekly updates, optimization notifications, and much more. With, campaigns reporting becomes easy and untroublesome.

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?


Martin Jensen
CCO at Nexta

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