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advertising self-service

Scale local advertisers with a single omnichannel advertising platform and deliver better performance. 

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Book omnichannel campaigns in one flow and save valuable time. Make communication between teams easier by unifying sales and adops in one platform powered by intelligent workflows and notifications. Create omnichannel banners in one go. 

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Increase efficiency with powerful automation tools to onboard users, create campaigns, create ads, and send out reports. Stop worrying about manual mistakes and focus on your clients. Be ready for scalability from day one. 


Create better campaign performance by reaching clients' KPIs with omnichannel and single-channel optimization. Have building margin control to maximize profitability from day one for all clients. 

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Unify campaign reporting in one platform and get a single overview of all campaigns. Utilize Nexta's reporting API for personalized data exports or send visual reports directly out of Nexta.

The right solution for your challenge

Explore Nexta's powerful solutions for your segment.

Scale local advertisers with a simple self-service advertising platform.

Let local advertisers book listing-based advertising campaigns without manual work

Utilize ad inventory and let customers book advertising campaigns themselves

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?

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