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Jysk Fynske Medier

Jysk Fynske Medier is the 2nd largest media house in Denmark, and since they started working with, they have managed to increase new digital revenue by 56% while increasing success for their clients! 


We've helped JFM to evolve from traditional digital sales to a data-driven full-service SMB digital agency. Jysk Fynske Media is 2nd largest media house in Denmark.

The Challenge

The traditional media publishers are under pressure from the big social media and service companies coming from the US with a new business model where audience selling is in focus. With the existing “own brand only” sales strategy, JFM / Step could not cater to the market demand for highly target audience marketing.

The Solution

JFM / Step wanted to utilize its position as the #1 media partner for SMB in large areas of Denmark. JFM invested heavily in its 1st party data set up to secure an audience that was in many ways unique in the market as it has been collected via the complete variety of brands in the JFM portfolio, securing a very representative target audience in Denmark. To make the products easy to understand and sell, JFM had to look for a partner who could provide JFM with a very simple interface with a highly complex technology platform performing the actual campaign execution, optimization, and reporting.

The solution was a partnership with Nexta, where Nexta solved the campaign execution complexity with a straightforward interface. It empowered the 250 salespeople from JFM / Step with a 3 step booking solution, making it easy and simple to book the campaigns in cooperation with the clients and secure the right optimization via the optimization engine and the unique automated reporting setup.

The Results

With the Nexta platform, JFM / Step has grown its digital sales with a very steep curve and managed to create a unique product in the market giving SMB marketing campaigns with the same or better performance than campaigns book through media agencies. With Nexta Step / JFM has been able to keep its promise to the SMB market to provide them with the right marketing experience at the right price.


Richar Wraae


"Since we started to work with, have we managed to increase new digital revenue by 56% while increasing success for our clients."

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?


Martin Jensen

COO at Nexta

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