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Activating the SMB clients

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Key Results

- Increased Digital Revenue by 52% YoY

- Decreased AdOps cost of order management by 24% 

Decreased SMB client churn by 42% YoY

About MediaHuis Belgium

MediaHuis Belgium, as part of the MediaHuis Group, is a Belgium publisher reaching over 2 million people with its three dailies, weeklies, and radio products. 

The Challenge 

Like many publishers, MediaHuis traditionally sold their O&O inventory to their mid to top-tier clients. While such generated substantial returns, it left out 65% of their client base consisting of SMB clients with a monthly advertising spend of under $5.000. MediaHuis's processes and digital products were not optimized for these types of small budgets making it difficult to serve them. These clients typically bought print advertising in the weeklies but were now moving to Facebook's and Google's advertising solutions, hurting MediaHuis's bottom line. The Belgium publisher realized it needed new advertising solutions to stay relevant to its SMB clients. 

The Solution

By choosing Nexta, MediaHuis found a partner that allowed create an advertising product for their SMB clients. Through Nexta's single access to their O&O, Facebook, and Google, MediaHuis was now able to attract clients based on other advertising channels and not lose them. Nexta's efficient workflow and order management allowed the publisher to efficiently create and run campaigns without needing to build up and run a costly adops team. The integrated AI optimization across channels ensured margin control and profitability while giving the end client best-in-class performance even if the budgets per client were small. 

The Results

The result has been significant – after only one year MediaHuis Belgium was able to increase the digital revenue of their SMB clients by 50% YoY. At the same time, costs for order management and campaign handling decreased by 25% making the SMB product highly profitable. MediaHuis continues to transform its SMB digital advertising solutions with Nexta. 

"With Nexta's solution, everyone is happy. We are getting a cost-efficient advertising platform that controls our margins and our clients get best-in-class performance."


Jan Weerts
Digital Transformation Manager

Ready to learn about how Nexta can help you?


Martin Jensen
CCO at Nexta

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