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 Boost Your Advertisers Campaigns with AI-Powered Optimization

Create more value for our advertisers and help them spend their digital advertising budget based on data and not feelings. NeOO makes automated, optimal, real-time decisions for your online advertising through a model that can predict the consequence of actions. Our AI-driven solution distributes your budget across channels to unlock the full potential of your campaigns, increasing your ROI! 

The NeOO Difference - Technology That Drives Revenue

Explore the prospects of buying digital advertising for SMB clients in 2021, the technology behind omnichannel, and hear from publishers who have become their own agencies.

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Nexta digital Omnichannel Optimization

The engine powering the NeOO consists of two main components. The first is responsible for orchestrating the omnichannel campaign setup across channels/systems/campaigns, while the second component optimizes the individual campaigns running on the supported systems.

With NeOO Digital Omnichannel, you and your advertisers will get: 

Ideal digital omnichannel presence

Simplicity, automation

and optimal performance

Better delivery with more volume and less risk



NeOO help’s advertisers utilize the full potential of online marketing options, in an easy, automated and optimized manner. 


1. It all starts with omnichannel setup

When creating an omnichannel setup we apply custom built highly specialized algorithms for each supported system in the display, social and search. These are specifically tuned to work in tandem with algorithms already present in the third-party system and deliver additional value on top of these. 


2. Then NeOO collects performance data


3. NeOO applies budget re-allocation

If a given campaign cannot deliver its booked budget, the omnichannel layer dynamically re-allocates budget to other campaigns, according to respective performance, to ensure delivery across the campaign set, while still performing optimally. 

NeOO's advanced methods are able to better detect the noisy signal for which domains are working and which are not. The company facilitate this by building all of our models using Bayesian statistics, giving access to the uncertainty of all model parameters, which enables us to handle noisy data in the best possible way.


4. Brings on average 35% better results

The AI agent behind NeOO continuously learns and self-improves, as all components of NeOO are updated and re-trained daily. This enables NeOO to make robust and optimal decisions that bring better results in a noisy and dynamic environment like online marketing.

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How NeOO helped some of our customers

Jan Weerts

Digital Transformation Manager at Mediahuis Belgiums 

"The simplicity and effectiveness are so remarkable. Just choose the audience you are interested in and AdStudio, an omnichannel engine powered by, delivers it in the best possible way. In the background AdStudio with NeOO will do all the optimization, so no time loss for the advertiser. And the best part is, that this is way better than you do it separately in three systems. We did a test ourselves with several Belgian clients and the results were astonishing. By average the campaigns performed four times better than the regular campaigns.."

Christian Thu

 VP Commercial at Amedia 

For us, using the Nexta platform with NeOO is the key component in a strategy to converting print advertising SMBs' into digital advertising ones. Instead of just looking at selling our inventory, we should look at what the buyers' side is really interested in purchasing. Thanks to the data-oriented approach and automation, purchasing within publishing have never been so easy. The key element that we really love about Nexta is the simplicity."