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Introducing Meta Video: Engage customers with creative content across the Meta platforms

Nexta video

Videos are taking over platforms by storm. Now, you can upload Meta video ads directly out of Nexta.

When you spend time on any social media platform today, you see one thing all over – videos. They are engaging, fun to watch, and often convey much more information than an image or text. No wonder video ads are very popular with advertisers. But so far, you were not able to upload video ads in Nexta, requiring you to go through a tedious process including the customer support team. A key hurdle in selling and scaling video ads.

This changes now. Our new video ad section makes it possible to upload videos directly to the Nexta platform, making it a super easy and straightforward process to utilize and scale video ads to clients. Platform users can just navigate to the new video ads section of the ad builder, upload the video and ad text, and connect it to the client's campaign.

With the new functionality, we support video across the two main Meta platforms:

  • Facebook (feed, stories, articles, marketplace, audience network)

  • Instagram (feed, discover, stories, reels)

Why should you use and sell Meta video ads?

Videos are not only a central part of the user experience of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, but they also allow advertisers to showcase their products and service in an engaging format. No matter whether a hairdresser, a furniture store, or a restaurant, utilizing video ads showcases services or products in more detail, bringing users closer to the desired action. That is why videos often have a performance uplift compared to image ads, generally up to 30% in CTR. But remember that it is essential to understand which objective video ads should fulfil to drive optimal action by the user. The best way is to utilize Nexta's simple ad builder and test different versions finding out what works for you and your clients. The performance boost will follow shortly, making it a great product to add to the existing product portfolio.

Get started with Meta video ads

Meta video is now available on all clients as part of the ad builder. To get started, navigate to the ad builder, upload a video today and get ready for an uplift in performance. We cannot wait to see your videos live on the platform.

Want to know more about how to sell video ads? Then get in contact with your account manager who can provide more information about Meta video and how to create a solid sales strategy.

In case of any other questions contact Nexta’s support team through email or the chat function in the platform.


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