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Magic Copy: Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Creating Digital Ads

Introduction to Magic Copy

Creating good ad text is time-intensive and challenging. Now, Magic Copy lets you do it in three clicks.

We get it, creating ad text is not the most fun activity for most. You need to get the right information from the client, compose the ad text, and create different versions. And let us not even talk about creating it for multiple platforms. Currently, you cannot do such without inefficient workflows across multiple teams and the client.

Now, Magic Copy allows sales agents to simplify ad creation with just three clicks. By providing a URL and choosing a language, Magic Copy creates a selection of relevant ad text for you. Again and again, and again. It is a state-of-the-art feature that tackles the biggest efficiency hurdle publishers have been reporting when serving clients.

Create ad copy for all platforms.
Create ad copy across platforms.

Create ads across all relevant platforms

Creating ads for Display networks is already a challenge but it gets even more time-consuming when creating campaigns for omnichannel campaigns, including social and search platforms. The result? Advertisers are focusing on one channel, disregarding the performance uplift gained from running omnichannel.

With Magic Copy, publishers overcome this hurdle by achieving better performance for their clients. To allow optimal effect, you can use Magic Copy to create ad text for all platforms currently supported by Nexta.

These include:

  • Display (Google Ad Manager, Adform, and Xandr)

  • Social (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Search (Google Search and Dynamic Search)

Enable performance uplifts with performance-driven ads

Creating high-performing ads is challenging if you are lacking the right knowledge about the target audience and how to write good ad copy. All too often, we have seen ads without a clear offering and call-to-action (CTA).

Get a performance uplift with Magic Copy.
The performance uplift with Magic Copy

Magic Copy builds on generative AI that utilizes best practices to create ad text. Through an analysis of the client’s homepage, the right target audience and CTA is found. Advertisers can expect a clear uplift in performance when utilizing Magic Copy ads.

Utilize ads in running omnichannel campaigns

With Magic Copy and Nexta’s omnichannel booking flow, creating digital omnichannel campaigns has become even more simple. When accessing Magic Copy in the booking flow, sellers can create campaigns and ads on the go - this is what we call ultimate efficiency.

Want to see the effect of Magic Copy live?


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