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Maximizing Performance with Google Performance Max

As businesses continue to look for ways to reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently, they are looking to platforms like Google, Facebook, and others for new objectives and products.

One of the vital innovations helping advertisers to do so is Google Performance Max, a solution that uses machine learning to help businesses deliver effective ads across multiple Google properties, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Discover. The objective has quickly gained popularity and is now used by small and large advertisers.

Google Performance Max

But what is Google Performance Max and how does it drive value for advertisers? If you want to learn more then this article is for you.

Here, we will look at

What is Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max is an advertising solution launched by Google in 2021. Traditional Google advertising products, such as Google Search Ads or Display Ads, focused on advertising individual Google products.

Google Performance Max is different. Utilizing machine learning and multiple goal optimization, the solution allows users to advertise across the whole ecosystem of Google’s advertising products. This includes:

  • Google Search

  • Google Display Network

  • Google Maps

  • Youtube

  • Gmail

Overview Google Performance Max
Source: Google

Utilizing all these different channels, Google claims to reach 90% of the internet’s users. To optimize across these different channels, Google Performance Max uses newly developed algorithms and machine learning optimizing towards one or multiple goals chosen by the users.

The goals choose able to include all standard Google objectives.

Overview objectives Google Ads.
Source: Google Ads

Choosing multiple goals is also a new element not seen in previous Google campaign objectives. For example, users can choose to value of different conversion goals. Maybe you value traffic lower than a purchase on the website. You can manually choose the multiple goals and add a specific value, telling Google Performance Max what to optimize for.

Overall, Google Performance Max might be the most powerful single-goal campaign type that an advertiser can find right now. Machine learning takes over manual optimization that historically had to be done by hand. Also, the reach of Google Performance Max is much larger than any other campaign type found right now.

How does Google Performance Max work?

Google Performance Max optimizes bidding for you

Based on the single or multiple goals (sales, traffic, etc.) chosen by the advertiser Google Performance Max optimizes the campaigns across the different channels that are part of the network.

With this campaign type, the advertiser is not allowed to do any manual bidding. Instead, Google uses machine learning and automation to allocate budgets and place bids across different channels. The only element you can control is the cost-per-action (CPA) which can be predefined by the users.

Google Performance Max optimizes ads for you

Google Performance Max utilizes the newest types of dynamic ad creative, which makes it possible to run campaigns across the whole Google Network without the need to create individual ads for each campaign. This also allows reaching the full breadth of the ad network.

Another benefit of such is that Google uses information gathered throughout the process and machine learning to optimize the ads, improving performance and mitigating ad fatigue.

Google Performance Max reports across channels

Google Performance Max also reports across all the different channels making it easy to get a single overview of the campaign performance notwithstanding the different channels the campaign ran on. It also makes it easier for an advertiser to understand how to attribute sales or other actions and what channels drive the different effects.

What are the benefits of Google Performance Max?