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In the fast-paced world of media and advertising, you always need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Nothing sets you apart more than your inventory and audiences, but how can you remain relevant with both limited demand and supply?

How can help built the first AI-driven Sales and Media Activation Platform tailor-made for ambitious digital media and commerce companies.


It's no secret that advertisers and agencies prefer to allocate budgets to audience-driven advertising platforms delivering, performance, and scale with minimum operational cost, but what if you had a better offer? is the first AI-driven sales and media activation platform tailor-made for online publishers. We enable you to increase value for your customers by unlocking new advertising demand with intelligent automation, completely eliminating manual campaign execution.

The Benefits

Amplify advertising value

Take back control and become relevant for advertisers again. Deliver the audience reach, performance, and ROI your clients expect regardless of the channel, vertical, and goal.

Boost revenue for good

With access to unlimited supply and intelligent audience activation, your advertisers will keep coming back for more.

Ready, Set, Automate

Say goodbye to tedious cross-platform campaign activation workflows. Nexta eliminates manual work associated with campaign execution, management, and optimization based on proven AI, keeping your cost-per-order at a minimum.


Easy steps to create omnichannel campaigns built the first AI-driven Sales and Media Activation Platform tailor-made for ambitious digital media and commerce companies.


Client onboarding with no hassle

Drop the tedious work – save time with automation and efficient workflows for client onboarding and campaign management. Once you start with, you can quickly turn on new integrations to support your business processes such as your own advertising placements, email, ad server, analytics, data management, and CRM. Get your log-in to the platform that is altered to your business needs and incorporates your business processes.

Create data-fueled Ads at Scale

Advertising on multiple channels has never been easier with With a standardized and template-based flow, campaign creation in the platform can be done with ease. With just a few clicks, campaigns can be booked, activated, and online in an instant. Pick your channels and placements, audience and targeting, creative material, and enter campaign period and budget, and you are online with the messages your clients want to market.


Capture every Step in Campaign Creation offers everything that is needed to run the best-performing ads. By incorporating your own 1st part audience segments and targeting those with creatives made through the Banner Builder, makes it possible to do and take off every step in the campaign creation process. In the Banner List, creative material for Google Adwords, Facebook, and Display can be quickly produced or uploaded. In the Banner Builder, banners on all channels are based on the proven best templates and designed to be engaging. It creates the best experience for its audiences. Audiences that are made available and can be selected on the platform.

Increase reach, engagement & conversions with self-learning AI

Reach your clients' audiences where it makes the most sense: At, we have made it our mission to ensure that impressions and clicks come from actual potential buyers of your client's products and services. is structured with self-learning AI that shows the campaigns where the client gets the most value from it. Here we understand that reach should foster engagement and conversions that generate revenue throughout the entire value chain from your clients' clients, your clients, and you.


Track performance proactively across all channels 

How are my campaigns performing? This question is well taken care of with real-time stats collected every 30 minutes and made available in dashboards and statistics modules in the platform. Here the modules are designed to capture everything and capture it all day - every day. Customize the dashboard to cater to your reporting needs, with campaign performance parameters that make sense for you and your clients. Never again will it be a hassle to track performance across all channels.

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?


Martin Jensen
Co-founder & CCO

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