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Toldbod Bodega case – 

from empty weekdays to sold-out beers 


Restaurant Toldbod Bodega is one of Denmark's oldest restaurants that serves authentic Danish food. Their restaurant radiates over 100 years history and is a gem in the inner city that must be experienced to really feel the place and its personality. But they had a challenge... 

The Challenge

Toldbod Bodega faced a lack of customers during the weekdays. They had no proper online presence and communication which led them to be invisible. At, we are here to help voices to be heard through performance marketing and branding campaigns. We partnered to change that and run some branding campaigns through the engine. 

The results

That led to busy weekdays, sold-out beers and fully booked Christmas period. The campaign had to stop due to under capacity of the restaurant.

Display Campaign

173 179






Facebook Campaign

72 644






Website visitors


Website traffic


Unique viewers

Returning viewers


How did we do that?

''We engaged with Nexta, to bring in technology and expertise in selling and managing digital advertising campaigns for our SMB clients. It was a tall ask, but we chose the Nexta technology because it’s easy to use and it covers the digital channels our clients are requesting."  "We used to swing by Toldbod Bodega for Nexta's Friday beer. The placeo, environment, and service are amazing. After getting to know Beny Rokkjær, we recognized their challenges and wanted to help brand them using's omnichannel. It initiated our work with Restaurant Toldbod Bodega, and we soon began to run tests to make more people aware of this historical place." 

Martin Jensen
Founder & CCO at

Before launching the branding campaign, Toldbod Bodega needed some –re-branding. After the evaluation, three strategic steps were made:   

  • Website update – re-branding and transition to a new website domain. An old website was outdated, hard to navigate, and not attractive.   

  • New Facebook account was created along with a new re-branding. Before Toldbod, Bodega's name gave associations of a regular Bodega. However, they do have good dining options – so it was decided to brand it as a Restaurant.    

  • Personalized branding campaign with 7 different formats - Hereafter, a branding campaign on Display was created, which returned excellent results. The campaign's goal was to increase brand awareness and traffic to their website with the end goal – more bookings and visits. 

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 11.19.17.png

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?


Martin Jensen

COO at Nexta

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