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Scale local advertisers with no manual work

Maximize your customer portfolio and deliver profitable omni-channel advertising at scale using automation, AI optimization, and reporting. 

Nexta already helped Europe's largest publishers and heads to the US


This is why publishers love Nexta

Decreased manual effort

No more time-consuming workflows with different departments and manual errors. Make local advertisers your most profitable segment. 

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Improved advertiser effect

We believe every advertiser deserves the best ROI and to be present across the most important advertising channels.


Better campaign reporting

Get the best insights into your campaigns and improve your client relationship and their success. 


How do we do it?

One place for your campaigns

Let sales book campaigns and create ads right out of our platform and stop struggling with manual workflows. 

AI-powered optimization

Our AI optimization improves campaign performance across channels, making it easier for your clients to reach their individual goals. 

Detailed reports and insights

Send automated reports to your clients that look like made by humans and set yourself up for the next campaign. 

Customer results

Decrease in ad operations costs with Nexta. 


Increase in digital revenue growth with Nexta.


Want to learn more?
Read the case study.

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