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Monetize inventory with Retail Media

Connect with us at NRF, to gain valuable insights into Nexta's advertising self-service capabilities, making your listing-based advertising incredibly efficient for scalable operations from day one

Meet us in New York from January 12th - 16th.

The Old Way

Let brands book external display ads


Branding display campaigns 


Complicated booking systems and high manual workloads


Little utilization of first-party data


Mediocre campaign performance across few channels

The New Way

Be the advertising hub for brands


Retail Media network with sponsored product ads on and offsite


Self-service solution for on and offsite marketing


Full utilization of first-party data


AI-powered optimisation towards goals


Outstanding performance and returning clients

The new way of digital advertising

Learn how Nexta allows you to sell digital advertising.

Connect, Automate, Optimize and Report


Build a retail media network with Nexta, both on and offsite, to increase advertising spend, platform traffic, and brand product visibility effectively.

Enable brands to book campaigns effortlessly, streamline workflows, automate banner creation, and ensure scalable operations from day one.

Integrate your first-party data to empower brands in targeting shoppers near the point of sale, without dependence on third-party cookies, both on and offsite.

Achieve client goals with AI optimization for on- and offsite efficiency, implement business rules for margin control, and say goodbye to manual work for client retention.

Provide brands a centralized overview and insights into campaign performance. Share visual reports for omnichannel campaigns effortlessly.

Retail Media case

See what a Danish retailer achieved with Nexta

Let's discuss your retail media goals!

Reserve a slot to sit down with us, discuss your unique challenges, and explore how Nexta can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.


Martin Jensen
CCO at Nexta

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