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Boost your advertisers campaigns with AI-Powered Optimization and become the agency. Our product offering is simple: We enable you to build your own digital marketing platform on which your customers can create and purchase digital marketing campaigns. This not only generates an additional revenue stream, but also creates an uptick for your existing product portfolio.

With Nexta's Digital Omnichannel Optimization AI (NeOO) you will be able to create more value for your advertisers and help them spend their digital advertising budget based on data instead of feelings in a simple way. Our AI-driven solution will unlock your advertising potential and increase your ROI!


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Morten Revsbech

Head of Strategic Partnerships

 United States


'Nexta brings simplicity and technology that enables Publishers to achieve better results for their clients. The platform is developed to make it easy for publishers to become the agency for their clients and by prioritizing owned&operated inventory using automation and AI to achieve manual workflow cost savings. It's truly the first revenue generating publisher software, that focuses on client campaign performance while enabling sales and  support operations, to better serve their clients buying needs."

The Nexta marketing engine

Nexta is the backbone of your digital transformation. It is a digital marketing engine, which integrates into your existing publisher software, allowing you to offer omni-channel digital marketing campaigns, with automation and smart AI technology, to better serve your end clients' digital marketing needs.

Automated banner building

A main component of the engine is the integrated banner builder, which instantly transforms your clients' messages to the selected formats across platforms. An instant reduction in cost for graphics design that also reduces your campaign's go-live time = better customer experience!

Data-driven marketing

The audience builder uses your first-party data, if available, and combines it with third-party data, to target the right audience. Furthermore, the Optimization Algorithms© monitors and adjusts campaign performance on-the-fly, ensuring unparalleled results. 

Cross-platform in an instant

Since is partnered with all leading social media networks, search engines, and premium digital publishers, your campaigns will be pushed out across all platforms, at the press of a button. Constantly prioritizing campaign performance, with publisher priorities in mind.

You decide the scale

 Campaign length and budget are completely up to you. Since it is so easy, launching micro-campaigns to see what sticks, is now a reality. Building digital campaigns for your clients have never been easier than through

 How do you boost your advertisers online performance with technology?


Easy digital

omnichannel setup


Simplicity, automation

and optimal performance


Better delivery with more volume and less risk

Partnering with Nexta for the launch of our CPC product has been amazing. Easy to implement, with a team that understands our business both from a technical and a commercial perspective”



We are all about revenue growth!

Simple to implement - Easy to use.

With the help of the NEXTA team, the engine can be easily and rapidly integrated into your platform. It requires little onboarding or training since the UI is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Value adding for advertisers.

Your advertisers will love it! Now they can continue doing business with you, whilst extending their campaigns across digital platforms. Advertisers who are less digital savvy, are using the NEXTA platform as an integral part of their business.

Profitable for you.

Advertiser spend will increase while at the same time, you will see an increase in customer retention since they can now get everything they need in one place.

What we did for Mediahuis

Mediahuis NV partnered up with and build a white label solution called AdStudio. Mediahuis is an international media company behind a wide range of cross-media brands in BE, NL, IE, and LUX.

They wanted their clients to get a fair share of digital advertising spend and make it easy to use.

Now, with AdStudio, Mediahuis can help their clients book the campaigns and also secure the right optimization via the optimization engine and the unique automated reporting setup.


How NeOO helped our customers


Jan Weerts

Digital Transformation Manager at Mediahuis Belgiums 

The simplicity and effectiveness are so remarkable. Just choose the audience you are interested in and AdStudio, an omnichannel engine powered by, delivers it in the best possible way. In the background AdStudio with NeOO will do all the optimization, so no time loss for the advertiser. And the best part is, that this is way better than you do it separately in three systems. We did a test ourselves with several Belgian clients and the results were astonishing. By average the campaigns performed four times better than the regular campaigns.."

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