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Introducing the next-generation media manager

New media libary

Upload media, scrape websites for pictures, or use generative AI – managing your media has never been easier with Nexta.

With an increase in digital ads across platforms, the importance of ad quality is constantly rising. Only when advertisers capture the user's attention, do they survive the high competition.

There are two key elements to an ad: ad text and creative. With our new Magic Copy feature, text creation is already faster and easier. However, you still needed to upload pictures manually. The result? Lengthy processes between end clients, sales, and ad operation, manual errors, and low-quality ad creatives provided by clients.

With Nexta’s new media manager, this challenge is of the past. Now, it is possible to manage creatives much more easily. You upload pictures of clients quicker and further, we have added three new options: website scraping, stock photos, and AI-generated images. Together with Magic Copy, you now only need a client URL to create optimal ads, reducing the complexity and reducing the cost of creating digital ads substantially.

Create ads in less than a minute

With the new media manager and Magic Copy, creating high-performing ads is now easier than ever. As you can utilize brand assets that are on the client’s website, there is no need for sending pictures between stakeholders. Just use what the client has already uploaded on their website by scraping it and saving substantial time per campaign creation.

Scrape pictures with one click

If the client does not have high-quality pictures that can be used for digital ads, you also have the option to use free stock photos. Here, you can select from a wide range of pictures and add them to the campaign.

Want to be more experimental or do you have specific ideas? Then use our picture generation tool, powered by OpenAI. Now, you can generate the exact picture required for the campaign by entering a specific prompt (Please note that this function is in beta and requires a trial).

Create variations for better campaign performance

The shortening of the ad creation process increases ad operations efficiency substantially, it also opens new possibilities in terms of campaign performance.

Boost performance with multiple creatives

As the new media manager and Magic Copy make ad creation so much more streamlined, it becomes possible to create multiple variations of ads simultaneously. This is crucial as systems like Facebook, Google, and Adform reach a performance uplift if they can test different ads against each other and find the best-performing one.

It also becomes easier to exchange ad creatives throughout the campaign's lifetime, mitigating ad fatigue and improving performance.

Get started with the new media manager

The new media manager is now available for all users and can be accessed through the banner builder. Check it out now and contact the support team in case of any questions.


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