top of page launches AI-driven optimization engine NeOO to help advertisers boost digital performance, a sales activation platform for publishers and classifieds , today introduced NeOO, the Nexta Omnichannel Optimization engine.

This AI-driven engine helps advertisers to fully utilize Nexta’s spectrum of digital marketing solutions in an easy, automated and optimized manner.

Key features of NeOO include:

  • Campaign set up across all the channels Nexta is integrated with, removing the need to set up campaigns separately in three different systems;

  • AI-driven campaign performance optimization;

  • Dynamic reallocation of budget from one campaign to another to ensure optimal performance and ensure targets are delivered over the entire campaign set;

  • The ability to optimize the smaller campaigns typical of SMB clients that are difficult or impossible for humans to optimize.

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Classifieds and publishers are facing significant challenges as more advertising spend from SMB advertisers is moving towards the hands of Google and Facebook. To address this problem, Nexta has developed NeOO, an omnichannel optimization engine that simplifies the way campaigns are set up across paid search, paid social and display. With the help of NeOO, campaigns can be optimized for such advertising objectives as CPC, CPM and CPL. . Each campaign is set to deliver a specific outcome in terms of reach, clicks, leads, or other conversions.

Jan Weerts, Digital Transformation Manager at Mediahuis Belgium, said: "The simplicity and effectiveness are remarkable. All the optimization is taken care of in the background so no time is lost for the advertiser. And the best part is that this is way better than doing it manually in separate systems. We did a test ourselves with several Belgian clients and the results were astonishing. On average, the campaigns performed four times better than the regular campaigns."

NeOO also features custom-built algorithms for display, social and search advertising. For example, in terms of display, NeOO features an algorithm that constructs domain whitelists more quickly and with more precision than a human could because it mixes elements from statistics, machine learning and AI. Crucially, all of these algorithms work in tandem with the algorithms in third-party systems.

Another important benefit is that, thanks to its enhanced ability to handle noisy data, NeOO can operate on much smaller campaigns typical of SMB clients. As Christian Thu, VP Commercial at Amedia, said: "For us, using the Nexta platform with NeOO is the key component in a strategy to convert print advertising SMBs into digital advertising ones. Thanks to the data-oriented approach and automation, purchasing within publishing has never been so easy. The element that we really love about Nexta’s solutionis the way it handles search advertising."

NeOO helps advertisers leverage the full potential of Nexta’s online marketing solutions in an easy, automated and optimized manner, putting them in control of their booked budgets without any need to sacrifice ROI.


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