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Nexta and SAS Institute Announce Partnership for Advanced Retail Media Solution, Helping Retailers to Seamlessly Monetize their Inventory

Copenhagen – The Danish ad-tech company Nexta has formed a strategic partnership with SAS Institute, a global leader in analytics and business intelligence. Joining forces of SAS 360 Match’s ad server and’s self-service capabilities deliver a new way for retailers to seamlessly monetise their ad inventory.

With the combined solution, retailers benefit from SAS 360 Match’s ad-serving capabilities and’s self-service capabilities, allowing end-to-end efficiency. Accessing the retailer’s ad and offsite inventory directly through the combined SAS and Nexta solution, allows brands to book and manage retail media campaigns without any interaction with the retailer. They can, thereby, utilize Nexta’s simple booking flow, automation features, and AI-optimization framework.

As a result, the retailer’s process of serving brands becomes more efficient. As booking, campaign creation and reporting are done through the self-service solution, the retailer’s ability to tap into different types of advertiser wallets is significantly improved. Simultaneously, they build on 360 Match, SAS’s ad server allowing for optimal control of data, real-time optimization and measurement, and integration of other SAS customer intelligence solutions.

Speaking about the partnership, Martin Jensen CCO and Co-founder of said, "Our collaboration with SAS 360 Match is a game-changer. By integrating our capabilities, we will provide retailers with a powerful self-service platform that seamlessly blends the best of ad serving. This is a significant step forward in our mission to offer impactful advertising solutions for retailers."

SAS Institute is echoing this sentiment, “Partnering with Nexta across all digital advertising sectors including Retail Media, one of the hottest areas for digital ad revenue growth, is hugely exciting for us” said Steve Perks, Head of Advertising Technology at SAS Customer Intelligence “Nexta bring advanced self-service and integrated off-site campaigns, plus innovative AI creative capabilities to provide an exceptional solution for both content and commerce owners; which greatly benefits their advertisers. “

The partnership is set to redefine the advertising landscape for retailers, offering them the tools and insights needed to thrive in a growing Retail media market. For more information, contact Cornelia Reitinger (SAS) or Martin Jensen (Nexta).

About is a self-service advertising platform that simplifies campaign creation, and optimization for advertisers. It provides a range of features, including cross-channel booking, ad automation, AI optimisation, and advanced campaign reporting features. With Nexta, retailers can offer advertising solutions to a wide range of advertisers in an efficient way. About SAS 360 Match: SAS 360 is a comprehensive ad management platform that empowers publishers to deliver targeted and personalized ads to their audiences. It provides a range of features, including enhanced control and data ownership, data-driven targeting and personalization, real-time optimization and measurement, flexibility and scalability, integration with Customer Intelligence (CI) solutions, and compliance with data privacy.


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