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Retail Media

Discover how easily you can transform your multi-brand webshop into a retail media network allowing your brand partners to rent out ad space and target high-intent shoppers with personalized ads. All you need to do is book your brand partner’s ads, and we’ll take care of the rest and help you create a brand-new revenue stream.


Want to see how our NEXT level retail media platform works?

Our NEXT level Retail Media Platform

Many webshop owners have avoided retail media because of the complexities and time-consuming manual ad booking. That's why we decided to make it easy with our NEXT level retail media platform. 


Easy to set up

Sure, you could hire a tech team and spend months designing and building your own retail media setup. But… you could also integrate our solution and get started with automated, omnichannel, context-based ad setups immediately and start leveraging your priceless first-party data to create new revenue today.

Easy to use

We give you an easy-to-understand platform with a two-step booking flow, a campaign composer with automated banner creation, as well as AI-powered reporting and optimization to ensure all campaigns are kept up to date and continuously tweaked to deliver results.

Why should you choose our NEXT level retail media platform?

Because it just makes your life a hell of a lot easier. You will get: 

Two-step booking flow

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes. Nexta’s automated tools handle everything from campaign setup to reporting. Nexta’s interface is simple and user-friendly, allowing brands and sales teams to book campaigns in only two steps. Regardless of technical expertise, everyone can navigate Nexta’s platform easily and book campaigns.

Want to see how it works?

Two-step booking flow V2.png
Campaign composer V2.png

Campaign composer

Increase efficiency with powerful automation tools to onboard users, create campaigns, banners and ads, and send out reports. Stop worrying about manual mistakes and focus on your clients. Easily integrate Nexta into your existing tech infrastructure, simplifying your workflows and enhancing productivity. Stop working with channel-based branding campaigns and start working with product-based ads in a scalable setup.

AI-powered optimization

Our advanced AI analyzes campaign performance and makes real-time adjustments to maximize effectiveness. Detailed analytics provide valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions and continually improve campaigns. You also get easy access to real-time metrics and performance data to report on campaigns.

A day with Nexta for you and your brand partners

Let Nexta ease the burden of manual ad setups, allowing you to focus more on strategic decisions. Our technology handles the heavy lifting, offering a smarter, more efficient way to manage your advertising. Here’s a glimpse into how a typical day with Nexta might unfold for you and your brand partners:

1. Morning Routine

Start your day by reviewing the campaigns currently running in the campaign overview. Ensure everything is proceeding as planned with a quick check.

By streamlining your workflow with Nexta, you can focus on what truly matters — strategic growth and building strong relationships with your brand partners. 

Watch our demo to
see how it works

Watch as Frederik, our retail media master, shows you our platform and how you book campaigns for your brand partners in just two steps. In our demo video, Frederik takes you through how:

To easily book campaigns

To use our automated banner creation

To utilize our AI-powered campaign optimization

How Dagrofa took Retail Media to the NEXT level with Nexta

Dagrofa, one of Denmark's largest retailers, transformed their advertising strategy with Nexta’s cutting-edge retail media solution. Here’s what they achieved:

A user-friendly, self-service advertising platform, enabling brands to manage their digital media campaigns efficiently.​

Enhanced digital media presence across multiple brands by leveraging Nexta's tools.

A significant improvement in campaign efficiency and overall performance, driving additional revenue.

"Nexta has been a game-changer for us. Their platform’s ease of use and scalability have transformed our advertising strategy and boosted our revenue significantly."

Kristian Djurhuus, Head of Retail Media

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