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Join the NEXT wave
of digital advertising

Want to know more about retail media and
why it’s the NEXT wave of digital advertising?

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Today most companies are used to buying ads on social media and Google. However, they often struggle to attribute ad spend directly to sales numbers. The next wave of digital advertising changes this by allowing brands to run ads directly on your multi-brand webshop—right before the purchase decision.


Utilizing your first-party data, you can add an entirely new revenue stream to your webshop, increase traffic, enhance the shopping experience and help brands run more effective advertising. And it’s easier than ever before.


In short, the next wave of digital advertising is here, and it’s called retail media

Retail media? What?

Retail media is the third wave of digital advertising, following Search and Social. It transforms your webshop into a media network by allowing your brand partners to rent out ad space and target high-intent shoppers with personalized ads. Thus, creating a brand new revenue stream.

Retail media leverages first-party data to deliver personalized ads, which means that if your customers are, for example, shopping for shoes on your multi-brand webshop, they won't see irrelevant products but ads for complementary products like socks or shoe care items, making their shopping experience more relevant and enjoyable. 

Selling various brands via your webshop?

If so, retail media is for you! Retail media is for multi-brand webshops, giving you a brand new revenue stream and helping your brand partners reach your shoppers right before making their purchase decision. 

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Nexta's retail media platform lets your brand partners connect

with potential customers in the shopping moment without annoying your shopper.

It’s a win for:


Unlock a brand new revenue stream by offering targeted advertising campaigns that seamlessly blend into your webshop's browsing experience.

Your Brands:

Easily book sponsored ads through Nexta’s intuitive two-step self-service platform to reach the right shopper at the right time. While getting first-party data insights into the shoppers’ demography and buying behaviour.

Your Shoppers:

Experience a personalized and seamless shopping journey with ads tailored to their interests and what they are actually searching for.

Download Our Guide

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Learn more about how you can transform your webshop into an efficient retail media network for your brand partners.


In the guide, we explore:

Why retail media is the new revenue stream you didn’t know you needed

Why retail media is relevant for more multi-brand webshops than you might think

Why retail media is the new wave within digital advertising and why it’s going to stay

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