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About the Case

Mobile is Germany's largest automotive marketplace with 40 million visitors per month and 1.2 million active listings. As part of the Adevinta Group, Mobile serves different sizes of car dealers across the whole DACH region. Their product offering includes both the traditional listing product, as well as other advertising solutions making the platform the key marketing partner for many dealers.

The Challenge of Listing Advertising

Mobile's role as the key marketing partner requires a unique approach to the market but also the management of challenges.

First, Mobile's 40 million monthly users give dealers the perfect channel to market their cars. However, a problem arises for cars with little pre-existing demand. Not generating enough traffic and leads per listing, creates frustrations for dealers and leads to an increase in customer churn.

Second, creating a demand-generating solution requires Mobile to handle the complexity of off-platform advertising. As a tech firm, Mobile required a scalable solution with no prolonged manual effort. This led the firm to look for external solutions that were integrated into their existing tech stack.

'With the fully automated campaign execution functionality and Plug'n'Play integration to our in-house platforms, we added new customer value and revenues, while keeping our operating cost to a minimum. The software and services are amazing." - Daniel Breves, Commercial Director at Mobile.

The Solution: Automated Listing Advertising

A plug-and-play advertising solution that enables creating external demand across the right advertising channels.

Mobile quickly realized that Nexta was the right solution for its two pain points. Nexta's integration into the whole advertising landscape and optimization allowed Mobile to offer a high-performance demand-generation product. The increased visibility and lead generation shortened the time to sell by 20% and increased platform stickiness and value for dealers.

Powered by Nexta's plug-and-play solution with its API, feed transformation, automation, and AI optimization, Mobile could offer this solution without high development and operational costs. Using an external solution also decreased the maintenance cost as Nexta constantly improves the advertising product for the best possible effect.

The Result

The result of Mobile's partnership with Nexta has been significant. Only three months into the partnership, the sales goals for the new product were achieved. Overall, advertising revenue increased by 60% and dealer churn decreased by 30%. Mobile continues to invest in expanding the usage of demand-generating advertising products and creating better effects for its dealers.


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