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Transforming the Digital Advertising Product - JFM

JFM increased digital revenue while keeping operational costs low.

The Case

JFM, Denmark’s second-largest media company, is a local publisher reaching over two million people via its 15 dailies, 63 weeklies, five radio stations, and a range of online media presence.

The Challenge - Manual Processes

Being a long-standing key partner for SMB's marketing solutions, JFM felt pressure on its traditional publisher model. More complex digital campaigns and order handling increased operational costs, while digital solutions had lower margins than print solutions. To ensure profitability and be able to compete in the ever-growing digital landscape, a new solution was required.

" Sales activation platform has enabled us to open new demand by tapping into the long-tail advertisers that we previously were not able to serve at scale. Since we started to work with, have we managed to increase new digital revenue by 56% while increasing success for our clients." - Richard Waars, CEO STEP (Onwer JFM)

The Solution - A Digital Advertising Platform

Nexta’s solution solves JFM’s operational challenges. Complex campaign structures and order handling are handled through Nexta’s integration into leading marketing channels and single booking flow. The platform’s AI optimization decreased the operational cost of digital solutions and helped maintain margins relevant to sustain a positive business case.

The Result

Using the Nexta solution had a significant impact on JFM's bottom line. JFM increased new digital revenue by 56% YoY. The platform's efficiency decreased operational ad ops costs by over 34%. Lastly, the improved product offering decreased client churn by +20% YoY. Through transforming its digital offering JFM is continuing to be SMB's key partner for omnichannel marketing solutions.


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