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Offering Listings Advertising Off Platform - SMG

SMG offered a new off-platform advertising product while keeping operational costs low.

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The Case

Swiss Media Group, SMG, is Switzerland's largest marketplace group including brands such as AutoScout24, ImmoScout24, and HomeGate. SMG has around 8M active users across their automotive and real estate platforms and is the primary marketing channel for Swiss car dealers and real estate agents.

The Challenge - Generating Demand

SMG faced the challenge of generating relevant leads for their customer and decreasing the time to sell for low-demand listings. Their existing advertising solutions did not solve the issue leading to client frustration and churn. Ergo, the marketplace group was looking for a demand-generating advertising solution that was easily integrated into the existing tech stack.

The Solution - Listing Advertising Off-Platform

Nexta’s plug-and-play solution allows SMG to run off-platform advertising. With its integration into the advertising eco-system, automation, and AI optimization, it enabled SMG to offer demand-generating advertising solutions. This increased traffic to low-demand listings, more leads, and client satisfaction due to quicker sales.

"Thanks to a great collaboration with, we’ve been able to launch one of the most innovative advertisement tools currently in the market." - Pablo Fondo, Product Manager

The Result

Using the Nexta solution had a significant impact on SMG's bottom line. SMG increased new advertising revenue by 40% YoY. Further, the improved product offering decreased client churn by +18% YoY. Through transforming its digital offering SMG is continuing to be the dealer's key marketing partner and Switzerland's leading automotive marketplace.


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