Why Nexta?

We empower digital media and commerce to remain relevant for both people and brands

The Problem

Media budgets

go to the tech giants

Digital advertising is growing by 15% YOY, but all growth goes to new media such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, leaving digital media and commerce companies with a significant challenge on how to increase value for their customers in the long-run.

Audience data

have lost its value

One of the most valuable assets is your audience data. Unfortunately, is the value of data connected to advertising budgets, and advertisers have limited interest in paying a premium fee for an asset which is standard elsewhere.

Advertisers want


The emergence of programmatic advertising has torn up the rule book. Advertisers expect scale, performance, and relevance with minimum efforts. Own inventory is no longer enough to satisfy demand.


The Solution

Nexta.io built the first AI-driven Sales and Media Activation Platform tailor-made for ambitious digital media and commerce companies.

We enable you to increase value for your customers by unlocking new advertising demand with intelligent automation that scales across your own and new media platforms, eliminating manual work associated with client enablement, creative production, and optimization.

The Nexta.io platform is fully connected to the advertising eco-system and integrated with your existing business platforms such as CRM, data management, analytics, and invoicing maximizing revenue upside, operational efficiency, and ROI for both you and your customers.

The Benefits

Amplify advertising value

Take back control and become relevant for advertisers again. Deliver the audience reach, performance, and ROI expected by your clients regardless of the channel, vertical, and goal.

Boost revenue for good

Increase share of wallet as you become the agency for your advertisers. With access to unlimited supply and intelligent audience activation, will your advertisers keep coming back for more.

Ready, Set, Automate

Say goodbye to tedious cross-platform campaign activation workflows. Nexta eliminates manual work associated with campaign execution, management, and optimization based on proven AI, keeping your cost-per-order at a minimum.


The Business case

Increase revenue while keeping your cost-per-order to a bare minimum

Campaign revenue today


Campaign revenue tomorrow

Campaign revenue tomorrow



We help publishers and classifieds remain relevant for their end-clients

With our platform we enable sales teams selling relevant advertising products for Display, Facebook, and Google rather than less appealing and relevant advertising products such as print. We reduce our partners' cost of operations (banner production, campaign optimization, and reporting) and sales costs, via our integrated, automated, and optimization platform.


Become the Agency! In the fast-paced world of media and advertising, you always need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Nothing sets you apart more than your inventory and audiences, but how can you remain relevant with both limited demand and supply?


Find buyers anywhere! Maintaining a good ecosystem of buyers and sellers is the cornerstone of every marketplace. With the growing competition, it's more important than ever to attract relevant buyers at scale, to satisfy suppliers, but what is your plan?

Ready to take your campaign creation to the next level?

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