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Why a good ad is important on Black Friday

Less than two weeks until Black Friday

The 25th of November, the day that marks Black Friday, is coming up and shoppers have started the search for the perfect shopping opportunity.

Last year, in Denmark alone, companies sold for over 2 billion DDK so why not make it a high priority for SMBs to be visible to potential customers on this day?

It is important that SMBs are being proactive in creating awareness and letting their customers know about their offers on such a crucial sales day. Roamler shows that 65 percent of users want to shop with an SMB this Black Friday. Disregarding the day would therefore be unbeneficial as it is probably never as easy to sell. Also, Black Friday is the perfect day to connect with new clients and show them the value local stores and services bring them.

Why advertise on Black Friday

Now that we know the importance of Black Friday, what can we do to let our clients know about it? It is clear that such will not happen by itself. Here digital advertising is perfect. Users in Western Europe spend an average of 5,5 hours online pr. day, so why not be visible where the customers are highly active?

Being present before Black Friday creates brand exposure and awareness to your target group. Approximately 42 percent of Danes expect to go shopping on Black Friday. Marketing to them online has become a necessity to be successful on Black Friday. Let’s look at how you can create ads that work. There is a lot to win.

Why is the ad so important on Black Friday?

Do not get us wrong, having a good ad is always important. Actually, data shows that a good ad can have a 65 percent uplift in sales if the creative is good. Especially social platforms like Facebook and Instagram reward advertisers for good ads as it keeps users engaged on the platform. It is therefore clear: If you want good campaign performance, you need a good ad.

During Black Friday, this trend becomes even more important. As there is a larger volume of campaigns, advertisers really need to stand out from the crowd to stay relevant. Showing clearly which products and services are on discount is just one of the many things to do. If advertisers do not do this there is a high risk of wasting valuable marketing budget. But how can you create a good ad?

Three tips to create a good Black Friday ad 

When creating your or your client's banner some elements are good to consider gaining the most successful ad. Here we have listed three points that can help you create good ads for this Black Friday.

  1. Highlight one or two products you want to advertise. It is important to consider what product is relevant for the target group and showcase them. This is the best way of creating a message that relates to their needs and interests.

  2. Keep the banner simple and be creative. A banner tends to be small and not giving a lot of space to work with, so try to be clear in the communication and keep it simple but creative. The banner should be eye-catching to attract attention and playing with colours, animation and clear text helps your ad stand out.

  3. Create a clear call to action. You want to guide customers in their next steps. Make sure to have a clear understanding of such when creating the ad.

Download our Black Friday infographic template

To make your conversation with end-clients successful we have made a template with infographics about Black Friday in general and specifically for Denmark and Norway. Download it now.

Interested in learning more about Black Friday?

Black Friday is only one month away. Contact a Nexta Marketing Expert today to learn more about ideas, setup, and strategy to get SMB clients ready for Black Friday. Otherwise, feel free to write to our support email for quick help.

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Magnus Brydning

Client Success Specialist


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